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This Academy Is The Apex. It Is The Highest Level Resilience Training System Ever Created.
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What You'll Learn
In The Academy
Get Ready To Conquer

This is unlike any mental training program you’ve ever experienced.

  • Have a step by step process to get into the Zone
  • Have a step by step process on how to build your certainty and confidence so you can walk into performances without overthinking
  • Learn exactly how to build a laser focus
  • Stop comparing yourself to others and stay locked in to yourself
  • Reduce fears/anxieties/pre-game nerves
  • Build a new identity so you're removing ANY and ALL limiting factors
  • Build an unbreakable toughness
  • Recover mentally from mistakes
  • Build an unbreakable pre-game routine
  • Build consistency

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In The Molliteum Academy
You'll Have Access To

The most innovative virtual training modules that allow you to build your own unique approach

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The Molliteum Way

Helping thousands of world-class individuals reach their untapped potential since 2015.

Why Build Your Resilience
Level Up & Dominate Your Sport

It’s the final 10%.

Stop Overthinking

Eliminate all the past confidence, certainty, overthinking, and
self-doubt issues that you've had, forever.

Build a Laser Focus

Rid yourself of any nerves, or performance anxieties, and build a laser focus that's always dialled in.

Tap Into Your Extra Gear

You've only really trained your physical game. Weaponize a side of performance few others do.

Get Consistent

Learn how to rewire your mindset for unshakeable consistency in performances
and in life.

Learn How to Adapt

You'll never have a tough time moving on from mistakes, managing emotions, or taking feedback, ever again.

Discover Your True Potential

Break through your glass ceiling and get through the elements that hold you back. Become your best self.

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Inside The Academy
A Step By Step System That’s Easy To Use

And trusted by the world's best athletes.

Module #1

Building the Resilient Mindset

Everything starts with your mindset; without making intentional shifts, we can’t accomplish anything. Learn how to break through mental barriers, execute on goals, and approach new challenges with complete confidence.

  • Build your foundation
  • Break free of your limits
  • Innovate immediately
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Module #2

Creating the Power

In order to be resilient you have to first rewire your identity. Learn how to rewrite your story, build an unbreakable identity, and raise your standards so you can dominate with consistency.

  • Discover Your True Potential: Building Your Success Identity
  • How To Truly Push Your Limits: Create Your Deep Roots Of Resilience
  • Weaponize Your Targets: Build Out Your TPA's (Target's, Purposes, & Actions)
  • Getting Into A Resilient State: Building Your Morning Power Routine
  • Raising Your Intensity: Create Your Intensity Checklist​
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Module #3

Changing Beliefs and Behaviours

Discovering your true potential means learning how to change your beliefs and behaviours. Learn how to build consistency behind your habits.

  • Build your belief
  • Build your consistency
  • Maintain success
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Module #4

Getting Into State

Break free of your external environment and achieve success, no matter what team you’re on.

  • Get rid of anxiousness
  • Stop second guessing
  • Learn how to change how you feel in an instant
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Module #5

Target Setting and Time Management

Stop setting targets that you either don’t achieve, or don’t serve you. Learn how to break free and manage your time so you can get everything done that’s important to you.

  • Set your priorities
  • Learn how to chunk your time
  • Be on time for success
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Module #6


Building resilience means optimizing your lifestyle; you can’t expect yourself to perform with excellence if your lifestyle isn’t optimized to do so.

  • Removing the negative people in your life
  • Be supported by other Difference Makers
  • Optimize your day to day
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Module #7

The Resilience Systems

Understand how to achieve replicable success; your Resilience Systems will allow you to understand exactly how to consistently be successful.

  • Build a system to use in practice
  • Build a system to use in games
  • Build a system to stay locked in
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Module #8

Building Confidence and Certainty

In order to find your extra gear you have to learn how to build your swagger so you can walk into performances knowing you’re going to dominate. Learn how to build your competence by understanding what it means to build your confidence and certainty, and how to do so with ease.

  • Stop overthinking
  • Build unbreakable confidence
  • Build unbreakable self-belief
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Module #9

Pre-Performance System

Understand exactly what you need to do in order to lock in before a performance. Never go into a performance again worrying about if you’re focused or not.

  • Build a laser focus
  • Separate your lifestyles
  • Get the results
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Module #10

In-Performance Toughness System

"Don’t think." The words that all athletes crave to hear; not thinking means learning how to guide your focus and how to let go of the things that distract you. Learn how to adapt in performance and stay locked in.

  • Learn how to move on from mistakes
  • Change your focus in an instant
  • Adapt to adversity
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Module #11

Out of Performance Toughness System

You can’t control others, but you can control your reactions. Understand how to deal with tough people, coaches, or whoever, or whatever else may present itself to you.

  • Learn how to deal with tough people
  • Master tough conversations
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Module #12

Reloading System

What goes up, must come down; every athlete must reload. Learn how to properly reflect and disconnect from performances so you can avoid burnout and maintain your dominance.

  • Learn to unplug
  • Put purposes behind your off days
  • Focus on other areas of your life
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"Find a way, or make a way."

Learn about past and current family member success.

Real People. Real Results.

Here’s what others have to say about the Molliteum Academy.

"This program works. Molliteum has helped me both on and off the ice, more than any sports psychologist ever has."

Ethan Bear
Team: Carolina Hurricanes

"For someone who is sometimes anxious, this helped me understand what I have to do so I can reduce that. This is a great training program for any athlete."

Antoine Morand
Team: Syracuse Crunch

"Molliteum's resilience training is incredibly valuable; resilience is a huge part of emotional balance. I greatly appreciate Molliteum and the work you do with our guys; it’s unlike any other out there."

Chris Cabott
Organization: Steinberg Sports & Entertainment

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