Build your resilience. Dominate your opponents. Weaponize your mental game.

The step by step process we use to build our athletes resilience while providing them with practical mental tools that are easy to use.

Your resilience Coach


As an ex-athlete Matthew constantly struggled with his mental game. Confidence lapses, controlling emotions, and feeling pressure all held him back from accomplishing what he wanted. There seemed to be no simple system that he could use to better his mental game. Unfortunately, as a result, Matthew was never able to discover his true potential.

After retiring from professional soccer, Matthew went on a mission to find the most effective, simple, and practical, way to build your mental game so you can dominate in both performance and life, regardless of your age! That’s when he discovered the extra gear: resilience.

Today, Matthew and the rest of the Molliteum team, have successfully coached just over 5,300 athletes from the youth to professional level, of all different skill levels and training statuses, helping them effortlessly build their resilience, find their zone, and accomplish unthinkable results by showing them the simple step by step process on how to tap into their extra gear of resilience.

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“We’re on a mission to ensure that every athlete discovers their true potential.”

this academy is the apex. it is the highest level resilience training system ever created. here is what others have to say about training with molliteum...

“This was a game-changer for my career.”

Molliteum elevated my game by helping me understand a part of performance that is often misunderstood. All their resilience skills are athlete friendly and easy to use.
Maxime Comtois
Forward, NHL, Anaheim Ducks.
Molliteum is different from what conventional sports psychologists do; they genuinely strengthen your mind and give you practical skills.
Paxton Lynch
Quarter back, NFL, Pittsburgh Steelers.
I feel unbeatable, unstoppable, and uncompromisable. With the Molliteum resilience training I know I have an advantage over my opponents.
Cody Russell
MMA Fighter, Philadelphia.

Why Build Your Resilience Skills?

Train skills. Find your extra gear. Dominate your opponents.

1. Stop Overthinking

Eliminate all the past confidence, certainty, overthinking, and self-doubt issues that you've had, forever.

2. Build a Laser Focus

Rid yourself of any nerves, or performance anxieties, and build a laser focus that's always dialled in.

3. Tap Into Your Extra Gear

You've only really trained your physical game. Weaponize a side of performance few others do.

4. Get consistent

Learn how to rewire your mindset for unshakeable consistency in performances and in life.

5. Learn How to Adapt

You'll never have a tough time moving on from mistakes, managing emotions, or taking feedback, ever again.

6. Discover Your True Potential

Break through your glass ceiling and get through the elements that hold you back. Become your best self.

Inside the Academy

A step by step system that’s easy to use.

The ultimate training system for your mental game

Part 1: Mindset Shifts

Everything starts with your mindset; without making intentional shifts, we can’t accomplish anything. Learn how to break through mental barriers, execute on goals, and approach new challenges with complete confidence.

1. How to Dominate In The Academy

2. what the zone is and how to get into it

3. The Conscious Mind Vs. The Subconscious Mind

4. Becoming The Best Of The Best: Innovation And Hunger

5. Resilience Rankings

Part 2: Building Your Mental Foundation

In order to be resilient you have to first rewire your identity. Learn how to rewrite your story, build an unbreakable identity, and raise your standards so you can dominate with consistency.

6. discover your true potential: building your success identity

7. how to truly push your limits: create your deep roots of resilience

8. weaponize your targets: build out your TPA's (target's, purposes, and actions)

9. getting into a resilient state: Building your morning power routine

10. Raising Your Intensity: Create Your Intensity Checklist​

Part 3: The Build Up

In order to find your extra gear you have to learn how to build your swagger so you can walk into performances knowing you’re going to dominate. Learn how to build your competence by understanding what it means to build your confidence and certainty, and how to do so with ease.

11. Finding Your consistency: building your resilience system

12. How to Stop Overthinking: Mental Reps

13. How to build true confidence: physical reps

14. Constant progress: using strategic challenge to dominate

Part 4: Turn It On

Once you learn how to build up your certainty and confidence, it’s time to turn on your performance mindset. Learn the step by step ways in which we coach our athletes on how to get into the zone, and stay there.

15. Dealing with pressure: Create your internal scoreboard

16. Channeling Aggression: Discover Your Triggers

17. Getting into the zone: Establishing Your Alter Ego

18. Building a Laser Focus: a How To

19. Getting Locked In: Creating Your Ultimate Pre-Performance Routine

20. Communication In Performance: Performance Language

Part 5: Letting Go

“Don’t think.” The words that all athletes crave to hear; not thinking means learning how to guide your focus and how let go of the the things that distract you. Learn how to adapt in performance and stay locked in.

21. learning how to move on from mistakes

22. Controlling emotions: a "how to"

Part 6: Reload

What goes up, must come down; every athlete must reload. Learn how to properly reflect and disconnect from performances so you can avoid burnout and maintain your dominance.

23. reflecting to be dominant: toughness meetings

24. how to actually disconnect: creating your quiet zone

Part 7: Situational Adaption

The best of the best understand how to adapt to the daily adversity that may arise. Learn how to deal with tough coaches, get out of confidence slumps, and much more.

25. Understanding how to take feedback

26. Dealing with A Difficult Coach

27. rediscovering your passion during tough times

29. building your inner circle

30. True Personal and Social Time

31. adapting to confidence slumps

The Resilience Gym

Once you complete the training modules, you’ll have access to our world renowned Resilience Gym. In this gym, you’ll be able to constantly build your resilience.

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